miércoles, abril 07, 2010

Tremendous News History

One day, deep in the woods...

there was a rock monster working on his garden..

lived a diabolical moob monster

who once killed a man

because he couldn't get laid

this will never work - love!

In a nun's habit with

was a blog. This blog...

He started to help him

Out of his tight boots...

and into his loose sandals...

slipped over his orange socks...

so he started to dance...

in leotards to the tune of Single Ladies

but then he got a wedgie...

and it was a mega wedgie...

Don't Like Men In Leotards

and found a leprechaun to

dance with. Then he ate

an uninhabited turtle shell

Forgot to lock the door.

this has worked before, let's try again...

he always comes back home
Forgot to lock the door.....mom seen him
trying on a bra

"Oh no! My favourite lace back!"

His mom slapped him in

stead of feeling punished, he got a strange joy from the sting of her hand on his buttocks, until..

new found feelings erupted which both scared and (ahem) delighted him...

so he became a famous blogger and screenplay writer. finis.

this is 12 kinds of awkward

until he found his calling in life which was..

a porno star with a double penis

maybe worst Exquisite Corpse ever but so fun!

...with a large collection of...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen figurines he sat playing.....

when a shot rang out . . .

his 'piece' had accidentally gone off.

and got his computer wet..

and he lived happily ever-after

but wait, there's more!

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