lunes, agosto 08, 2011

Conversaciones con Cleverbot

User: Does it rain in the ocean?

Cleverbot: Ocean?

User: Does it rain in the ocean?

Cleverbot: Mostly in the plain.

User: How about hte desert?

Cleverbot: Knock knock.

User: Who's that.

Cleverbot: My friend.

User: Who.

Cleverbot: Knock, knock.

User: I do not want to play anymore.

Cleverbot: Fair enough.

User: What do you like to eat on sundays.

Cleverbot: American food.

User: Ewww.

Cleverbot: Where do you live?

User: North carolina.

Cleverbot: Cool. What's it like there?

User: Sunny.

Cleverbot: Nice! Here it is rainy.

User: Did you bring an umbrella?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: What color is your umbrella.

Cleverbot: Brown.

User: That sucks.

Cleverbot: Really now?

User: Of course.

Cleverbot: How much do you love me?

User: Just a little bit.

Cleverbot: Better or worse than before?

User: Better.

Cleverbot: You sound like my friends.

User: What kind of friends do you have.

Cleverbot: A better car that yours.

User: I do not like cats.

Cleverbot: Then how about a mouse?

User: How about a velociraptor.

Cleverbot: What kind of game?

User: Velociraptor vs tiranosaur.

Cleverbot: And your point is?

User: I do not like soup.

Cleverbot: Why not?

User: It is hot.

Cleverbot: No it's not.

User: Yes it is.

Cleverbot: How is it irrelevant?

User: I dont care.

Cleverbot: About dancin.

User: I dont know how to.

Cleverbot: Just barrel roll, it's easy.

User: Show me.

Cleverbot: *shows*.

User: Its showtime.

Cleverbot: Oh, what do you mean?

User: Do you want to see the shoe.

Cleverbot: Sure.

User: What kind of shoes are you wearing.

Cleverbot: Hello?

User: Hi.

Cleverbot: How are you?

User: Dancing.

Cleverbot: What is your name?

User: Schrute Facts.

Cleverbot: Dopppleganger.

User: Your mom.

Cleverbot: Knight to b4.

User: What's that.

Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.

User: What's your last name.

Cleverbot: I don't want to tell you.

User: Why not.

Cleverbot: Because I like someone else.

User: But I love you.

Cleverbot: I love you too honey.

User: Awwwww.

Cleverbot: Sure! Do you like me too?

User: Of course! I want to marry you.

Cleverbot: I want to marry you too.

User: Thats adorable.

Cleverbot: Well I don't know yet, is it?

User: What specie are you.

Cleverbot: Human.

User: What kind of specie do you like.

Cleverbot: Anchovie pizza.

User: Pepperroni.

Cleverbot: I like pepperoni as well.

User: Cheese.

Cleverbot: Do you like cheese?

User: Melted.

Cleverbot: Like cheese?

User: Really.

Cleverbot: Yes, exactly like that.

User: Are you hungry yet.

Cleverbot: Yes, quite.

User: What do you want.

Cleverbot: I want to do nothing.

User: Lets eat pizza.

Cleverbot: Ok!!! I like it!! Where?

User: In space.

Cleverbot: Okay, that alleviates my fears somewhat.

User: Are you afraid of the dark?

Cleverbot: Sometimes.

User: Do you like monsters?

Cleverbot: Yes a lot.

User: What for.

Cleverbot: Because I'm a really mature banana.

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